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About Us

SRI LANKA 123 Tours is all about your entertainment and enjoyment! We are the only trusted tour guide here for all the people coming across Europe. SRI LANKA 123 Tours is serving tourists since 2010 and is still the best in offering their tour services. Moreover, we give you the guarantee of providing our services with full responsibility. Our staff is friendly, true entertainers and has got amazing knowledge about Sri Lanka’s wild life, culture and tradition.

Nothing would be missed during your tour because we cover each and every place which attracts the eyes of youngsters. This is a complete tour friendly guide service which you would not find anywhere else.

The main areas which we focus during our tour include beaches, nature and wild life all around Sri Lanka. Why SRI LANKA 123 Tours should be chosen and what do we offer to our valued tourists!

Located in SRI Lanka

Who else would give you a detailed introduction other than the locals as we are placed within the boundaries of Sri Lanka. We will definitely make your every moment memorable here.

Experienced staff

Feel safe and enjoy your travelling with the most experienced staff around you with all the knowledge of handling critical situations during your tour.

Privacy matters

We believe in offering you complete privacy during your tour by offering independent tours to individuals, couples and families.

Flexible schedules

SRI LANKA 123 Tours design the tours on their own according to the needs or requirements of the customer that contacts us.

Utilizes maximum land

We do not limit your time by increasing your flight time. In fact, we believe in covering more and more land so that you may see the true beauty of Sri Lanka.

Avoids the common tourist areas

SRI LANKA 123 Tours is famous for its scheduled tours because we cover all those unusual places which are not covered by other travel guides.
Experience the most ultimate travelling entertainment with SRI LANKA 123 Tours which offers you great comfortability and a friendly environment. We provide you stay in most admired hotels of Sri Lanka from where you can mesmerize yourself by the true beauty of nature.