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DAY 1: Negombo-Pinnawela-Sigiriya

Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, an Airport Representative will be of assistance after which you will be directed to your very own chauffeur, who will provide transportation Negombo.

After having breakfast the group will visit the Pinnawala Elephant orphanage, on the way the journey will be through coconut plantations, pineapple gardens, rubber plantations and paddy fields. Upon the arrival at the elephant orphanage, there will be a privilege of seeing the elephants in the river. Following this there will be lunch at Pinnawala after which we will proceed to Sigiriya. There will then be a dinner and an overnight stay at Sigiriya.

Negombo , Pinnawala , Sigiriya ,Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

DAY 2: Sigiriya – Anuradhapura

At 8.00 am the group will leave for Anuradhapura, on the way there will be an oppourtunity to visit the Sri Maha Bodhi (the oldest tree in the world), Ruwanveli Seya Dagoba, Thumparama Dagoba, Lankarama Dagoba, an elephant pond, Abhayagiri Monastery Complex (holds the world famous Samadhi Buddha statue, twin ponds, the moonstone, the guard stone), the Jethavanarama Dagoba and Museum and Isurumuniya temple. After which there will be a dinner and an overnight stay at Anuradhapura.

Jethavanarama Dagoba , Isurumunia Temple , Anuradhapura

DAY 3: Anuradhapura – Polonnaruwa – Sigiriya

After having breakfast the group will leave for Polonnaruwa, on the way there will be the oppourtunity to visit a modern museum, Parakrama Samudra, Statue of King Parakrama, Liberty Shrine, Palace of King Parakramabahu, Shiva temple, Thuparama shrine and room and the glittering statue, Atadage, Hetadage, Vatalage, Stone book, Rankoth Vehera, Alanhana Monastery Complex, Gal Vihare (a well-renowned rock temple, with varieties of stone carvings), wood carving factory. After which there will be anenjoyable dinner and an overnight stay at Sigiriya.

Polonnaruwa , Parakrama Samudra , Gal Vihare , Sigiriya

DAY 4: Sigiriya – Habarana – Minneriya

After having breakfast, the group will climb the Sigiriya rock (dubbed as the 8th wonder of the world), visit a water garden, bolder garden, and see world famous paintings, mirror wall, lion’s paws. After which there will be a procession to Habarana village tour (where an exciting three hour program is designed for all to experience the authentic Sri Lankan rural village lifestyle), and a traditional bullock cart ride; the group will then have an authentic Sri Lankan lunch (prepared with customary cooking methods), visit a paddy field (where we will learn how local farmers protect their crops from wild animals), traditional canoe ride in Habarana, and then an elephant ride. Following this we will proceed to Minneriya (where the elephant gathering in the national park is the largest recurring event in the world involving elephants). There will then be a procession to Sigiriya where we will have dinner and an overnight stay.

Habarana , Minneriya

DAY 5: Sigiriya-Kandy

After having breakfast we will proceed to Kandy, on the way there will be an opportunity to visit Dambulla cave temple (which is one of the principal, most authentic cave temples in Sri Lanka), the Buddhist mural paintings (an immense area of over 2,100 square miles with over 150 statues), Batik factory (utilizes individualistic designs and originality), spice garden, wood carving factory, Hindu temple in Matale. After which there will be an opportunity to have dinner and an overnight stay at Kandy.

Kandy , Dambulla Cave Temple , Matale

DAY 6: Kandy City

The group will visit a gem museum (This will undoubtedly be an enthralling visit as it explores the realms of life and death as many miners in Sri Lanka risk their lives in search of the earth’s beauty. Furthermore, over 50 varieties of these precious gems are found in the country’s lands), Botanical garden (also known as the Peradeniya Garden is renowned for its wide variety of orchids, over 300 types, used for medicinal purposes as well as herbs and spices), the Kandyan dance show, the temple of the tooth (The Dalada Maligawa which is also referred to as The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It is a Buddhist temple in Kandy and is the most reverential sites of worship for Buddhists worldwide. The temple holds the Tooth Relic of the Buddha, brought to Sri Lanka by two siblings from the Kalinga province in India). After which there will be a dinner and an overnight stay at Kandy.

Peradeniya Garden , Dalada Maligawa

DAY 7: Kandy– Nuwara Eliya

After having breakfast the group will leave for Nuwara Eliya, supposedly one of the coolest places in Sri Lanka. Following this there will be an opportunity to then visit the famous Ramboda waterfall, tea plantation and tea factory (where the group will have a chance to experience a relaxing tea-plucking session).

Nuwara Eliya , Ramboda waterfall

DAY 8:Nuwara Eliya – Ella

After having breakfast the group will go to the Nanuoya Railway Station then there will be an oppourtunity to experience a thrilling train trip from Nanuoya to Ella. After which the group will meet the driver in the Ella railway station, visit the Nine Arch Bridge(An important part of Sri Lankan history as it built without steel and only cement as a results of the constraints placed on steel in World War I) and then have an overnight stay at Ella.

Nanuoya , Ella

DAY 9: Ella – Thissa

After having breakfast we will visit the little Adams Peak (a mountainous region with waterfalls and small villages to boast), the Rawana waterfall, then appreciate the traditional Sri Lankan clay industry, visit the rubber plantation while on the way to Thissa. After which we will participate in evening safari at Yala (a wildlife sanctuary with a wide variety of animals and exotic birds to observe, such as jackals, spotted deer and peacocks). Then we will have an overnight stay at Thissa.

Rawana Waterfall , Thissa , Yala

DAY 10: Thissa – Mirissa

After having breakfast there will be an opportunity to visit the light house at Dondra(the largest in Sri Lanka and the occupant of over 7 floors) and then Mirissa beach(gorgeous white sand beach).

Dondra , Mirissa Beach Yala

DAY 11: Mirissa – Negombo

After an early start to the morning the group will travel on an exquisite coastal road, then visit the Madu River (one of high ecological standards as it has a wide variety of plant life and a number of fishes) and see sea turtles at a farm in Kosgoda (an area dedicated to the maintenance of sea turtle life for future generations).

Madu River , Kosgoda

Day 12: Negombo Airport

The group then departs at the Negombo Airport,

We hope your journey with us was enjoyable and wish you a safe and pleasant flight home!