Day 01

Welcome to Sri Lanka and move to Your Hotel in the Negombo Beach.

Stay the night at your hotel and calm down to preparing for a stimulating tour.

Day 02

  • You will be visiting Wilpattu National Park.
  • The day 2 is the exciting day and first, you will be taken to go the Wilpattu National Park.
  • Our tourist’s team will be visiting the park in the Safari jeeps with knowledgeable guides who distinguish best about the wild animal timings to catch them. After fun in a whole day, you will be head to your hotel in the Anuradhapura here you will spend the night at calm and relax with top cuisines.

Day 03

  • The Day 03 Tour starts for the Anuradhapura Medirigiriya Vatadage Polonnaruwa.
  • Having dug into and well-read some historical ideals of Anuradhapura, you will go to your hotel at Sigiriya to stay the night.

Day 04

  • You can visit Polonnaruwa and SigiriyaRuins in Polonnaruwa.
  • The next tour will be for Polonnaruwa that is another main city of historical significance. You will be packaged up and get ready yourselves for a stimulating day tour as capturing several great sites.
  • After enjoying the day, you will go to your hotel to stay to relax as tomorrow.

Day 05

  • In the day 5, you can visit Dambulla Cave Temple, Spice Gardens, and KandyBuddha Statues in Dambulla Cave Temple.
  • After breakfast, the team will be going to see these of the most amazing places in your tour.
  • As collect all the precious memories in Kandy, it may already be time to start in Kandy.

Day 06

  • For day 6, we will visit at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and the Royal Botanical Gardens.
  • Start a fresh day; you will be taken to go the well-known tourist appeal of the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnawala.
  • After, spend some incredible time at the gardens, go to your hotel at Kandy.

Day 07

  • You can visit Nuwara Eliya tea Plantation Sri Lanka
  • After a whole day fun tour in the Nuwara Eliya, you will go to your hotel, spend the night and relax to prepare for a brave tomorrow.

Day 08

  • The Day 8 Tour starts from Horton Plains National Park Deer in Horton Plains National Park.
  • After enjoying a whole day at the Horton Plains, the next trip you will be going back to your hotel in Nuwara Eliya. Enjoy another night here.

Day 09

  • The day tour is for Yala National Park Elephant at Yala National Park.
  • You can start back to your hotel after your entertainment drive for the whole day and call it a pleasure day of your entire tour.

Day 10

  • The day 10 Tour is at Galle Dondra Head Lighthouse, Sri Lanka.
  • After spending a sunny day at Galle, you will go to your hotel in Galle where you will get fun a chilling and enjoyable night.

Day 11 to 12

  • The day 11 and day 12 is the Leisure at Bentota beach in Sri Lanka.
  • Bentota is in close nearness to Galle that will be your next stop where you will know a complete bunch of engaging experiences.
  • You can spend more quality and the long time in Bentota.
  • You can spend the night at your hotel in the Bentota.

Day 13

  • The day 13 is the tour of Colombo City, Presidential Secretariat Office in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • You can see here the serene beach, many restaurants that provide with any cuisine and particularly Island fresh seafood dishes, more religious places as temples, kovils & churches, National Museum that lets you get an entirely different experience of the paintings and arts.
  • You can also get pleasure in nightlife activity activities when you will be spending your night at your hotel in Colombo.

Day 14

  • The day 14, You will be the departure.
  • Until we meet once more, you will then be going to the Bandaranaike International Airport for you to go back home carefully.

We look forward to the journey with us will pleasant, a safe and enjoyable flight home!