Safari in Sri Lanka

There are so many thrilling wildlife safaris you could choose from such as Elephant safari, Leopard safari and dolphin safari. You’ll find that most are suitable for families. You’ll see a lot of animals, reptiles and birds, be able to take lots of photographs, as well as experience in a safari tent in the jungle . You will enjoy a camping night with BBQ and bonfire . You’ll simply have a great time here!

A wide range of National Parks, nature reserves and safari lodges have been established throughout Sri Lanka, covering vast areas of bio-diverse terrain,

Travelling into the jungles of Sri Lanka with camps set deep within the national parks is yet an undiscovered treasure, whether you select to stay and observe wildlife in your camp under a tree reading a book and sipping a drink of your choice waiting for them to appear, or taking a short walk to the best spots within the area under the guidance of our experts. Safari camping in Sri Lanka is an ideal way to savour the splendour of the island from one of the many spots available for such camps.

We look forward to the journey with us will pleasant, a safe and enjoyable flight home!